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Thursday 03. November 2022, 09:00VBC PhD Symposium "Pushing Boundaries"
Thursday 03. November 2022, 14:00Transcription by RNA polymerase I - Structural basis and regulation mechanismsChristoph Engel
Monday 07. November 2022, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)ANTONIOLI Sumire (Leonard)
BENEDUM Johannes (Slade)
LITTLEBOY Jamie (Knoblich)
Tuesday 08. November 2022, 13:15The smallest vertebrate brain knows how to singBenjamin Judkewitz
Wednesday 09. November 2022, 10:00Cell polarity establishment and maintenance: a game of kinases and phosphatasesMonica Gotta
Thursday 10. November 2022, 12:00You are what you eat: Visualising and quantifying microbial glycan metabolism in situGreta Reintjes
Thursday 10. November 2022, 14:00Unveiling the ultrastructure of liver sinusoidal endothelial cells at high speed and extended fields of view by novel fiber-optics based super-resolution structured illumination microscopyThomas Huser
Thursday 10. November 2022, 16:00Neuro-immune interactions in the gutDaniel Mucida
Friday 11. November 2022, 10:00EMBL: delivering research and service for life sciences - from molecules to ecosystemsEwan Birney
Friday 11. November 2022, 11:30Electrical signalling in wounded plantsTed Farmer
Monday 14. November 2022, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)SANDRU Ana Maria (Baccarini)
GEHRE Maja (Brennecke)
PABST Gabriel (Zuber)
Tuesday 15. November 2022, 13:15Ancient Pathogen Phylogenomics: Detection, Reconstruction and AnalysisMeriam Guellil
Tuesday 15. November 2022, 14:00Seedling establishment: Chloroplasts on a Polycomb leash?Iva Mozgova
Thursday 17. November 2022, 11:00High-throughput discovery and sequence characterization of human and viral transcriptional regulatorsLacra Bintu
Thursday 17. November 2022, 14:00Functional Biomolecular Condensates from Synthetic Intrinsically Disordered ProteinsAshutosh Chilkoti
Friday 18. November 2022, 11:00Cellular and biophysical mechanisms orchestrating skull morphogenesis across scalesJacqueline Tabler
Friday 18. November 2022, 11:30Breaking the Silence: How to Make Small Plant Mouths that Support Our SustenanceKeiko Torii
Friday 18. November 2022, 15:00Mechanism of Morphogen Gradient ScalingMaria Romanova
Monday 21. November 2022, 10:00Actomyosin contractility in stable and dynamic ringsAmy Shaub Maddox
Monday 21. November 2022, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)KORDIC Darja (Clausen)
GHOSH Dipannita (Grade)
PATEL Rajvi (Matos)
Monday 21. November 2022, 14:00Using biodiversity to illuminate biology: water lilies and evolution of seed developmentRebecca Povilus
Monday 21. November 2022, 16:30Learning the grammar of plant regulatory DNATobias Jores
Tuesday 22. November 2022, 13:15Mechanisms of chromosome compactionAnton Goloborodko
Tuesday 22. November 2022, 14:30Getting to the root of symbiotic nodule development in legumesKatharina Schiessl
Tuesday 22. November 2022, 16:00 The clean energy transition - lessons from the past for the challenge aheadGebhard Ottacher
Tuesday 22. November 2022, 16:30Slow and not so furious: de novo stomatal patterning during plant embryogenesisMargot Smit
Wednesday 23. November 2022, 16:30Single-cell and spatial dissection of plant-microbe interactionsTatsuya Nobori
Thursday 24. November 2022, 11:00Functional organisation of pericentromeres in mitosis and meiosisAdele Marston
Thursday 24. November 2022, 11:00Biosynthesis and Degradation of Aromatic Amino Acids in PlantsRyo Yokoyama
Thursday 24. November 2022, 14:00Looking deeper with microscopy: Pushing the optical imaging frontier in biologyRobert Prevedel
Thursday 24. November 2022, 16:00Using evolutionary cell biology to understand the function and evolution of eukaryotesNick Irvin
Friday 25. November 2022, 11:00The AHL15 gene controls various developmental processesOmid Karami
Friday 25. November 2022, 12:30Secrets of signalling specificity and crosstalkYan Ma
Monday 28. November 2022, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)DIEZMA Laura (Nordborg/Mari-Ordonez)
DEIBER Sebastian (Dolan)
Tuesday 29. November 2022, 11:40Endothelial senescence in age-related diseasesSelma Osmanagic-Myers
Tuesday 29. November 2022, 15:00Genetics of epigenetics in Arabidopsis thalianaRahul Pisupati
Wednesday 30. November 2022, 11:00Satellite DNA function within species and beyondMadhav Jagannathan
Wednesday 30. November 2022, 15:00Genetic and molecular characterization of the chromatin binding specificity of the HP1 protein variant RhinoLisa Baumgartner


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