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Monday 27. March 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)BUSETTO Virginia (Falk)
HARVEY Zachary (Berger)
MILOJKOVIC Lidija (Urban)
Tuesday 28. March 2023, 11:40m5C-modifications of ribosomal RNA modulate healthy lifespan and development Markus Schosserer
Tuesday 28. March 2023, 13:15Sensory coding to memory formation: a functional and evolutionary perspectiveSimon Sprecher
Thursday 30. March 2023, 14:00Endolysosomal biogenesis - from Rab activation to membrane fusionChristian Ungermann
Friday 31. March 2023, 11:30Structural Insights into the light-harvesting antenna and photoprotection mechanism in cyanobacteria Tina Dominguez-Martin
Monday 03. April 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)PANAROTTO-PERICLES Melanie (Peters)
KOLESNIKOVA Sofia (Gerlich)
HANDLER Dominik (Brennecke)
Thursday 06. April 2023, 11:00Elucidation of plant growth-regulatory networks through multiplex gene editingDirk Inze
Thursday 13. April 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedThomas Zwaka
Thursday 13. April 2023, 12:00Diversity and ecological interactions of giant virusesMatthias Fischer
Monday 17. April 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)BAUCELLS Julia (Dammermann)
GOMEZ SEGALAS Alba (Balzarotti)
VOICHEK Maya Shinan (Brennecke)
Tuesday 18. April 2023, 13:15Functional organization of bacterial chromosomes Virginia Lioy
Thursday 20. April 2023, 11:00Human adult neurogenesisMaria Llorens
Monday 24. April 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)DMITRIEV Vladimir (Goloborodko)
HISANAGA Tetsuya (Berger)
KHALDIEH Nina (Ameres)
Monday 24. April 2023, 14:00Title to be announcedArun K. Shukla
Monday 24. April 2023, 15:00Title to be announcedArun K. Shukla
Tuesday 25. April 2023, 11:40Visualization of Macromolecular Assemblies in Meiosis Using Cryo-Electron TomographyJannik Hugener
Tuesday 25. April 2023, 13:15Origins of cell diversity in self-organizing multicellular tissuesNicole Repina
Wednesday 26. April 2023, 11:00Expanding the genetic code - new chemistries and tools for biology Kathrin Lang
Wednesday 03. May 2023, 09:00Microsymposium on Small RNA Biology
Friday 05. May 2023, 12:00Microbial trait-based scaling from single populations to communities with consequences for ecosystem processesAshish Malik
Friday 05. May 2023, 13:00Towards a quantitative understanding of long-rage transcriptional regulationLuca Giorgetti
Monday 08. May 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)SOMMER Theresa (Rivron)
SHIRZADIAN YAZD Mehrta (Balzarotti)
VERTESY Abel (Knoblich)
Tuesday 09. May 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedDavid Kelley
Tuesday 09. May 2023, 11:40Control of meiotic crossover placement in DrosophilaJeff Sekelsky
Tuesday 09. May 2023, 14:00What’s the point of chromatin?Tobias Warnecke
Thursday 11. May 2023, 16:30Abiotic RNA Hydrolysis in the Environment: Implications for the Environmental Fate of Emerging RNA Interference BiopesticidesKim Parker
Monday 15. May 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)POLIKARPOVA Anastasia (Tanaka)
CHAKRABORTY Oisorjo (Grade)
CORSI Flavia (Goloborodko)
Tuesday 16. May 2023, 11:40Identification of novel ciliogenesis genes using a phylogenetic profiling approachAlex Dammermann
Tuesday 16. May 2023, 13:15Comprehensive understanding of cancer fitness landscape from germline to somatic alterationsSolip Park
Wednesday 17. May 2023, 11:00Neuronal Genome Stability and PlasticityAndre Nussenzweig
Monday 22. May 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)KHAURATOVIC Uladzislava (Matos/Golobordko)
SHEN Jingyi (Obenauf)
FESSELET Jeanne (Kovarik)
Tuesday 23. May 2023, 13:15Off the wall: consequences of a cell wall-deficient lifestyle in bacteriaDaniel Claessen
Thursday 25. May 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedRoger Geiger
Friday 02. June 2023, 10:00Probing chromosome mechanics in the interphase nucleusAntoine Coulon
Monday 05. June 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)PERNEBRINK Mattias (Tanaka)
HOHMANN Ulrich (Brennecke/Plaschka)
MANOLOVA Toni (Falk)
Tuesday 06. June 2023, 13:15The Earth BioGenome Project: Progress Toward a New Synthesis in Evolution ScienceHarris Lewin
Monday 12. June 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)WU Shuangyang (Dolan)
SCARAMUZZA Federico (Tessmar)
KROGULL Daniel (Burga)
Tuesday 13. June 2023, 11:40Characterisation of Vpr1, a novel protein involved in DSB repair Mustafa Alaabo
Tuesday 13. June 2023, 13:15The recently discovered ties between teeth and infants in human evolutionLeslea Hlusko
Thursday 15. June 2023, 11:00New insights in gene regulation and chromatin folding by enhancers and cohesinWouter de Laat
Thursday 15. June 2023, 12:00Marine symbioses fueled by woodDan Distel
Friday 16. June 2023, 10:30Molecular mechanism analysis involved in mitochondrial sheath formation and spermiation processes using gene-manipulated miceKeisuke Shimada
Monday 19. June 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)HEIDARI KHOEI Heidar (Rivron)
ABDRAKHMANOV Alibek (Dagdas)
GALUSKA Philipp (Djinovic)
Thursday 22. June 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedDaniele Canzio
Monday 26. June 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)MAYER Rupert (Proteomics Tech Hub)
WILLIAMS Thomas (Clausen)
GEISMANN Maximilian (Balzarotti)
Tuesday 27. June 2023, 11:40Comprehensive and quantitative characterization of aneuploidy phenotypesManuela Sophie Koller
Thursday 29. June 2023, 15:00Top down and bottom up exploration of human gut microbial communitiesKaroline Faust
Monday 03. July 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)JELENIC Stela (Saha)
PACHECO FIALLOS Franics Belen (Plaschka)
FONTES OLIVEIRA Tiago Manuel (Penninger)
Tuesday 04. July 2023, 17:00The Mirage of Biosocial Complexity: Critique and Collaboration Around the Tools of EpigeneticsLuca Chiapperino
Monday 10. July 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)NAGUMO WONG Sakurako (Knoblich)
LORENZO ORTS Laura (Pauli)
ROSS James (Burga)
Thursday 13. July 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedSamer Hattar
Monday 17. July 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)RAFFL Gerald (Ameres)
SAJTOS Bettina (Zuber)
LANGER Christoph (Gerlich)
Thursday 20. July 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedAnshul Kundaje
Monday 24. July 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)STEINACKER Thomas (Gerlich)
EDER Stephanie (Zimmer)
TIKANOVA Polina (Burga)
Monday 31. July 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)SCHELLHAAS Ulla (Plaschka/Ameres)
RUSCH Emma (Goloborodko)
VULIN Milica (Obenauf)
Monday 07. August 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)RADHAKRISHNA PILLAI Balashankar (Saha)
ADELMANN Leonie (Raible)
RÖHNSER Josef (Pauli)
Monday 14. August 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)BELL Caelan (Gerlich)
MEREITER Stefan (Penninger)
BINDL Michael (Leeb)
Monday 21. August 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)LORBEER Franziska (Stark)
MULVEY Hugh (Dolan)
PÜHRINGER Florian (Burga)
Monday 28. August 2023, 09:00SMLMS Meeting
Monday 28. August 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)HOLZER Elisabeth (Martens)
COLOZZA Gabriele (Koo)
FALCON CHAVEZ Francisco (Tanaka)
Sunday 03. September 2023, 14:00ISRB Meeting
Monday 04. September 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)BLAHA Andreas (Pauli)
OKUN Anastasia (Karagöz)
JUNG Pauline (Obenauf)
Thursday 07. September 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedSir Philip Cohen
Monday 11. September 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)LICHT-MAYER Simon (Penninger)
CAYGILL Samuel (Dolan)
MIGOTTI Mario (Konrat)
Thursday 14. September 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedFeng Shao
Monday 18. September 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)SHUNMUGAM Dhanlakshmi (Baccarini)
CECI GINISTRELLI Lavinia (Mendjan)
VORLÄNDER Matthias (Plaschka)
Wednesday 20. September 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedJan Löwe
Thursday 21. September 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedLydia Finley
Monday 25. September 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)KOK Jian Yi (Berger)
GROH Roan (Dagdas)
SODERHOLM Adrian (Versteeg)
Thursday 28. September 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedStephan Gruber
Monday 02. October 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)STRAVS Ana (Knoblich)
HORENKAMP Simone (Tanaka)
Monday 09. October 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)TAVERINI Katherina (Urban)
CORIC Aida (Tessmar)
Thursday 12. October 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedNancy Kleckner
Monday 16. October 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)GRABARCZYK Daniel (Clausen)
PROTELL I DE MONTSERRAT Julia (Brennecke/Plaschka)
Thursday 19. October 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedEdward Lemke
Monday 23. October 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)ATTRILL Sarah (Dolan)
UIJTTEWAAL Esther (Elling)
SCIBISZ Grzegorz (Karagöz)
Monday 30. October 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)DOLESCHALL Balint (Knoblich)
FENG Sonjie (Bücker)
BOURGUET Pierre (Berger)
Thursday 02. November 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedRotem Sorek
Monday 06. November 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)KRUMWIEDE Luisa (Gaidt)
CASEY Chloe (Dolan)
KAPRAL Thomas (Zagrovic)
Thursday 09. November 2023, 09:00VBC PhD Symposium
Monday 13. November 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)KOBAKHIDZE George (Dong)
PACHANO Tomas (Stark)
Thursday 16. November 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedStephan Grill
Monday 20. November 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)RAMIREZ America (Köhler)
VÖLKL Isabella (Bücker)
HOANG Oi Pui (Technau)
Thursday 23. November 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedMounia Lagha
Monday 27. November 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)LEITNER Moritz (Martinez)
VOGEL Alexander (Yudushkin)
KETTEL Paulina (Karagöz)
Thursday 30. November 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedMartin Hetzer
Monday 04. December 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)TSAREV Aleksandr (Ameres)
FIESELER Charlie (Zimmer)
ABESAMIS Kim Ivan (Dong)
Thursday 07. December 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedLaurent Nguyen
Monday 11. December 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)KLEIFELD Justus (Urban)
ORLIC Lucija (Matos)
Thursday 14. December 2023, 11:00Title to be announcedIan Hickson
Monday 18. December 2023, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)SHULKINA Alexandra (Versteeg)
GEETHA Sowmya (Jantsch)
Monday 08. January 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)KOLLER Manuela (Campbell)
GUPTA Ankit (Goloborodko)
SCHMÖLLERL Johannes (Zuber)
Monday 15. January 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)MARCHIORI Elisa (Van der Veeken)
ACHLEITNER Anja (Martens)
FAAS Victoria (Clausen)
Monday 22. January 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)SALEWSKIJ Kirill (Penninger)
REN Kaike (Otsuka)
Monday 29. January 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)MIHAILOVIC Milica (Karagöz)
BELL Lillie (Clausen)
TELONI Federico (Gerlich)
Monday 05. February 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)STANKUNAS Edvinas (Köhler)
CASEY Alexandra (Dolan)
LEV Itamar (Zimmer)
Monday 12. February 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)OBERHUEMER Michael (Leeb)
SCHOLZ Julia (Otsuka)
Monday 19. February 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)AMANN Sascha (Haselbach)
KASHKO Nataliia (Matos)
BAUER Bernd (Martens)
Monday 26. February 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)LEE Joonsun (Elling)
MILIVOJEV Nadja (Raible)
Monday 04. March 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)GAO Peng (Dagdas)
GOGOVA Rebeca (Clausen)
PAVLOVA Anzhela (Matos)
Monday 11. March 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)AYALA MUNOZ Farja (Plaschka)
VETRANO Pamela (Ramundo)
YU Changwei (Brennecke)
Monday 18. March 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)KONSTANTINOU Andri (Obenauf)
NAVA GARCIA Marintia (Dagdas)
WOLFF Uyen Le Phuong (Jantsch V.)
Monday 25. March 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)HARTMANN Felix (Matos)
PASSERA Alessandro (Balzarotti)
SANCHEZ BURGOS Laura (Obenauf)
Monday 08. April 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)HAIDER Jakob (Gaidt)
HODAKOVA Zuzana (Haselbach)
MYLARSHCHIKOV Dmitry (Gerlich)
Tuesday 09. April 2024, 11:00Title to be announcedJohannes Walter
Monday 15. April 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)PIECH Lucas (Leonard)
DE LA CONCEPCION Juan Carlos (Dagdas)
POPOVA Mariia (Peters)
Monday 22. April 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)GALLI Lucrezia (Tanaka)
DIAS Ana Beatriz (Slade)
TAKACS Zsuzsanna (Gerlich)
Monday 29. April 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)KNIEST Judith (Haselbach)
KELLNER Max (Penninger)
BABADEI Olga (Decker)
Monday 06. May 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)BOHAUMILITZKY Lena (Pinheiro)
RAIDERS Stephan (Tanaka)
PRLESI Ines (Gerlich)
Monday 13. May 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)PANDA Aswini (Saha)
PITASI Mattia (Leeb)
HEINZL Monika (Stark)
Monday 27. May 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)VELETI Lalitha (Pauli)
FORISCH Stephan (Elling)
NAAS Julia (Van Haeseler)
Monday 03. June 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)FARAWAY Rupert (Plaschka)
GRUNDMANN Lorenz (Haselbach)
Monday 10. June 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)RÖTZER Johannes (Dolan)
MIOCIC-STOSIC Fran (Zagrovic)
RITSCHKA Birgit (Tanaka)
Monday 17. June 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)PUSHPA BOSE Greeshma (Urban)
ROGOWSKI Nicole (Elling)
RAINA Shiviya (Dammermann)
Monday 24. June 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)COUTURIER Jeanne (Jachowicz)
PABST Gabriel (Zuber)
ROFFAY Chloe (Pinheiro)
Monday 01. July 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)RUSSETT Colleen (Berger)
NAJM Ramsey (Knoblich)
HOLLAUS David (Gaidt)
Monday 08. July 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)SHARMA Sanskriti (Ellis)
JANKOWSKA Julia (Ameres)
PAPAREDDY Ranjith (Dagdas)
Monday 15. July 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)MAURER Eric (Peters)
BHARDWAJ Vishakha (Schlögelhofer)
DIEZMA Laura (Nordborg/Mari-Ordonez)
Monday 22. July 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)GUZMAN PEREZ Sebastian (Martinez)
LITTLEBOY Jamie (Knoblich)
RIABOV Daria (Plaschka)
Monday 29. July 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)ZEILER Christina (Kovarik)
DOCAVO GARCIA Antonio (Jachowicz)
Monday 05. August 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)ZMAJKOVIC Jakub (Zuber)
DEL CHIARO Alessia (Dagdas)
ANTONIOLI Sumire (Leonard)
Monday 12. August 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)HUETTER Christiane (Menche)
KRACHT Laura (Knoblich)
SANDRU Ana Maria (Baccarini)
Monday 19. August 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)BENEDUM Johannes (Slade)
KALIS Robert (Zuber)
PATEL Rajvi (Matos)
Monday 26. August 2024, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)PROTSENKO Liudmila (Brennecke)
SHETTY Kavya (Hein)
BASSAT Elad (Tanaka)


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