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VBC Regular Seminar: How cells defend their cytosol against cytosol-invading bacteria: LPS ubiquitylation and other tricks
Wednesday 25. May 2022, 11:00
Felix Randow - MRC-LMP

VBC Regular Seminar: The genetic basis for diversification of leaf form: from understanding to reconstructing
Thursday 02. June 2022, 11:00
Miltos Tsiantis - MPI for Plant Breeding Research

VBC Regular Seminar: Imaging processes of cell division across scales
Thursday 23. June 2022, 11:00
Jan Ellenberg - EMBL Heidelberg

VBC Regular Seminar: Long-term single-cell quantification: New tools for old questions
Thursday 30. June 2022, 11:00
Timm Schroeder - ETH Zurich

VBC Regular Seminar: Title to be announced
Thursday 07. July 2022, 11:00
Andreas Martin - University of California, Berkeley

VBC Regular Seminar: Title to be announced
Thursday 14. July 2022, 11:00
Jay Shendure - University of Washington

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