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Monday 29. April 2019, 11:00Long distance communication: how centrosomes talk to kinetochoresPatrick Meraldi
Monday 29. April 2019, 11:00Single molecule studies of protein-DNA interactions in chromosome architectureJohannes Stigler
Monday 29. April 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)LEODOLDER Julia (Clausen)
RESZCZYNSKI Lukasz (von Haeseler)
TARDIVO Pietro (Tanaka)
Monday 29. April 2019, 14:00What is life? On the subcellular physics of live matterAntti Niemi
Tuesday 30. April 2019, 09:30Bacteria s different ways to recycle their own cell wal Christoph Mayer
Tuesday 30. April 2019, 11:00RNA and immortal lineageDonal O'Carroll
Tuesday 30. April 2019, 14:00Using ancestral sequence reconstruction to characterize primordial enzymes and protein-protein interactionsReinhard Sterner
Thursday 02. May 2019, 09:00Structure and function of membrane adenylyl cyclases, key enzymes in signal transductionVolodymyr Korkhov
Thursday 02. May 2019, 10:00Structure and Function of Cilia in Human Health and DiseaseGaia Pigino
Thursday 02. May 2019, 11:004D in situ structural biology using cryo-electron tomographyAchilleas Frangakis
Thursday 02. May 2019, 11:00Young blood for old brainsTony Wyss-Coray
Thursday 02. May 2019, 14:00The private life of brown algaeSusana Coelho
Friday 03. May 2019, 11:30Functional characterization of Arabidopsis ARGONAUTE 3 in reproductive tissuePauline Jullien
Friday 03. May 2019, 14:30Tricks enabling extremotolerance of tardigradesTakekazu Kunieda
Monday 06. May 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)GUTIERREZ PEREZ Paula (Cochella)
CHATZIDAKI Emmanouella (Tachibana)
LEITNER Lucia (Weitzer)
Monday 06. May 2019, 15:00Adult Astrogenesis and functional Astrocyte Heterogeneity in the HippocampusRuth Beckervordersandforth
Thursday 09. May 2019, 11:00 Clonal dynamics of the antibody responseGabriel Victora
Thursday 09. May 2019, 14:00Structural and functional studies of the nuclear RNA exosome - an RNA degrading and processing machineSebastian Falk
Friday 10. May 2019, 11:00Machine Learning using EHR data – from site-specific studies to multi-sites/multi-nations analyses with OHDSIJuan Banda
Monday 13. May 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)CTORTECKA Claudia (Mendjan)
SEITNER Denise (Djamei)
LUST Katharina Judith (Tanaka)
Tuesday 14. May 2019, 11:00Pioneers, settlers and life on the OregonR trail: Transcriptional regulation during developmentMelissa Harrison
Thursday 16. May 2019, 11:00Mechanistic basis of membrane protein insertionRamanujan S. Hegde
Thursday 16. May 2019, 14:00Proteome homeostasis: analysis and visualisation of protein degradation - from single cells to tissuesMichael Knop
Friday 17. May 2019, 11:30Modulation of UPR signaling for biotrophic growth and plant defense suppression by Ustilago maydisKai Heimel
Monday 20. May 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)YELAGANDULA Ramesh (Bell)
DIMITROVA Mariya (Peters)
KORNIENKO Aleksandra (Nordborg)
Monday 20. May 2019, 17:00Lysine Acetylation Regulates Phase Separation and Stress Granules FormationPatrick Matthias
Wednesday 22. May 2019, 11:00Regulation of the Proteasome: From Basic Understanding to Disease TherapyAlfred Goldberg
Thursday 23. May 2019, 10:00Efficient Mouse Colony ManagementKevin Lominac
Thursday 23. May 2019, 10:45Reproductive Biology of MiceKevin Lominac
Thursday 23. May 2019, 12:00Essential Tips for New Mouse ResearchersKevin Lominac
Thursday 23. May 2019, 14:00Structural insight into contractile injection systemsNicholas Taylor
Monday 27. May 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)ZURL Martin (Raible)
MASSELINK Wouter (Tanaka)
BOSONE Camilla (Knoblich)
Tuesday 28. May 2019, 11:30Being in the right place at the right time - charting and navigating the plant endomembrane systemKarin Schumacher
Wednesday 29. May 2019, 11:00Enhancer-Promoter Communication in Living Drosophila EmbryosMike Levine
Monday 03. June 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)GUTIERREZ PEREZ Irene (Peters)
SCHNEIDER Maximilian (Gerlich)
ASANOVIC Igor (Martinez)
Thursday 06. June 2019, 11:00The role of aneuploidy in tumorigenesisAngelika Amon
Thursday 13. June 2019, 11:00Title to be announcedGeeta Narlikar
Monday 17. June 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)ANDREEV Veslin (Brennecke)
AHEL Juraj (Clausen)
PRIELER Silvia (Klein)
Tuesday 18. June 2019, 11:00Allosteric regulation of Protein Phosphatase 2A – lessons from tumor mutants, small molecules and DNA tumor viruses”Goutham Narla
Monday 24. June 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)CALDERON DOMINGUEZ Lesly (Busslinger)
MILETIC Sean (Marlovits)
RODRIGUES VIANA Angela Maria (Ameres)
Thursday 27. June 2019, 11:00Regulated transcript toggling and protein degradation set meiotic protein levelsGloria Brar
Thursday 27. June 2019, 14:00Excitatory neurogliomal synapses drive brain tumor proliferationThomas Kuner
Friday 28. June 2019, 11:30Title to be announcedKirsten Bomblies
Thursday 04. July 2019, 11:00Mapping Development at Single Cell ResolutionBertie Gottgens
Monday 08. July 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)DONA Mattia (Mittelsten Scheid)
REY Ulises (Zimmer)
VUNJAK Milica (Versteeg)
Tuesday 09. July 2019, 11:00Title to be announcedJacob Corn
Thursday 11. July 2019, 11:00Title to be announcedElizabeth Murchison
Monday 15. July 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)GROSSER Lidia (Tanaka)
SIDHAYE Jaydeep (Knoblich)
STECHER Karin (Bell)
Monday 22. July 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal) PICCHIANTI Lorenzo (Dagdas)
STOCK Jessica (Pauli)
Monday 29. July 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal) SCHENK Robyn Leigh (Busslinger)
DUXBURY Zane (Becker)
LINDENHOFER Dominik (Knoblich)
Monday 05. August 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)RAMOS Ana (Clausen)
BHAT Pooja (Ameres)
SUGIURA Takuji (Tanaka)
Monday 12. August 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)HÜTHER Patrick (Becker)
FEDL Anna Sales (Busslinger)
PAPAI Nora (Mendjan)
Monday 19. August 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)MINNICH Martina (Busslinger)
NGUYEN Vu (Mittelsten Scheid)
LIN Tzi-Yang (Tanaka)
Monday 26. August 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)MARTINS COSTA Catarina (Knoblich)
KOVACS Judit (Becker)
VAN DER LELIJ Petra (Peters)
Monday 02. September 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal) PAPAREDDY Ranjidh (Nodine)
KRAMMER Teresa (Tanaka)
ELMAGHRABY Mostafa (Brennecke)
Monday 09. September 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)SCHMIDT Clara (Mendjan)
OTSUKI Leo (Tanaka)
Thursday 12. September 2019, 11:00Title to be announcedRalph Bock
Monday 16. September 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)MALKEMPER Erich Pascal (Keays)
SANTILLAN Emilio Manuel (Cochella)
SAAD RODRIGUES Carolina (Schlögelhofer)
Wednesday 18. September 2019, 11:00Title to be announcedDan Finley
Monday 23. September 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)LÖFKE Christian (Dagdas)
JACOBS Jelle Jozef (Stark)
BATTY Paul Daniel (Gerlich)
Thursday 26. September 2019, 11:00Title to be announcedFrauke Melchior
Friday 27. September 2019, 11:30Title to be announcedThomas Dresselhaus
Monday 30. September 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)ARNESE Renato (Clausen)
RODRIQUEZ Jorge Isaac (Becker)
KAWAGUCHI Akane (Tachibana)
Monday 07. October 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)SCHÖBERL Ursula (Pavri)
REUMANN Daniel (Knoblich)
INCARBONE Marco (Nodine)
Thursday 10. October 2019, 11:00Title to be announcedGerhard Schütz
Monday 14. October 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)PALDI Katalin (Nodine)
RODRIGUEZ Alan (Ikeda)
QIAO Renping (Peters)
Wednesday 16. October 2019, 11:00Title to be announcedRen Bing
Friday 18. October 2019, 11:00Title to be announcedKarla Neugebauer
Friday 18. October 2019, 11:30Title to be announcedFederica Brandizzi
Monday 21. October 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)LEIENDECKER Lukas (Obenauf)
VRIJ Erik Jacob (Koo)
CLAUW Pieter (Nordborg)
Monday 28. October 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)SMAKOWSKA Elwira (Belkhadir)
PISUPATI Rahul Bharadwaj (Nordborg)
RAUSCHMEIER Rene (Busslinger)
Thursday 31. October 2019, 11:00Title to be announcedMichael Sixt
Monday 04. November 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)BAUMANN Verena (Martens)
GOMEZ DIAZ Carlos (Ikeda)
ANDRIONE Mara (Zimmer)
Monday 11. November 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal) VOGEL Antonia (Clausen)
BONNAY Francois (Knoblich)
DEQUEKER Bart Johan (Tachibana)
Wednesday 13. November 2019, 11:00Title to be announcedBen Ebert
Thursday 14. November 2019, 11:00Title to be announcedJonathan Weissman
Monday 18. November 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)SCHÄFER Markus (Zuber)
RAMOS Daniela (Becker)
NAVALAYEU Tsimafei (Ameres)
Monday 25. November 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)DURUT Nathalie (Mittelsten Scheid)
NEMCKO Filip (Stark)
PETROVA Olga (Clausen)
Thursday 28. November 2019, 11:00Title to be announcedJohanna Joyce
Monday 02. December 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)DEXHEIMER Philipp (Cochella)
LI Chong (Knoblich)
ANDREATTA Gabriele (Tessmar)
Monday 09. December 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal) LEYVA GONZALEZ Marco Antonio (Tanaka)
CABRERA QUIO Luis Enrique (Pauli)
Moritz STALTNER (Ameres)
Thursday 12. December 2019, 11:00Title to be announcedBen Lehner
Monday 16. December 2019, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal) CHIA Kong Sam (Djamei)
VAINORIUS Gintautas (Elling)
PINTER Theresa (Busslinger)
Thursday 19. December 2019, 11:00Title to be announcedPaola Arlotta
Thursday 09. January 2020, 11:00Title to be announcedCarl-Philipp Heisenberg
Monday 13. January 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)KUNZL Fabian (Dagdas)
ALMEIDA Bernardo (Stark)
SAVOVA Adriana (Martens)
Monday 20. January 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)SGROMO Annamaria (Ameres)
SCHNABL Jakob (Brennecke)
HINTERNDORFER Matthias (Zuber)
Thursday 23. January 2020, 11:00Title to be announcedSarah O'Connor
Thursday 30. January 2020, 11:00Title to be announcedMelina Schuh
Monday 03. February 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)REITER Franziska (Stark)
NOGALES MORAL Adrian (Köhler)
Monday 10. February 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)STEPINAC Emma (Dong)
PHILLIPS Alexander William (Keays)
HANDLER Dominik (Brennecke)
Monday 17. February 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)KIM Jihoon (Koo)
GROMBERG Elena (Tanaka)
KLAUS Loni (Stark)
Monday 24. February 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)PETRZILEK Jan (Ameres)
SALAZAR THULA Oriana Ylida (Zimmer)
BENTE Heinrich (Mittelsten Scheid)
Monday 02. March 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal) BAUMGARTNER Lisa Christine (Brennecke)
MERAI Zsuzsanna (Mittelsten Scheid)
DAO Pauline (Tessmar)
Wednesday 04. March 2020, 11:00Title to be announcedEileen Furlong
Monday 09. March 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)KORDIC Darja (Clausen)
HOFBAUER Pablo-Andres (Mendjan)
DUKIC Dejan (Nordborg)
Monday 16. March 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)BRADAMANTE Gabriele (Mittelsten Scheid)
ELEWAUT Anais (Obenauf)
PACHINGER Claudia (Dammermann)
Monday 23. March 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)KNOCH Eva (Becker)
EHRMANN Julian Friedrich (Clausen)
HOFFMANN David (Penninger)
Monday 30. March 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)NAGASAKA Kota (Peters)
NEAMTU Andreea-Adrian (Köhler)
KOLESNIKOVA Sofia (Gerlich)
Monday 06. April 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal) STEPHANI Madlen (Dagdas)
ELLIS Thomas (Nordborg)
HOI David Mario (Clausen)
Monday 20. April 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal) JAVIN Marc (Zimmer)
TEJADA GIRALDEZ Miguel Angel (Penninger)
MONTGOMERY Sean (Berger)
Wednesday 22. April 2020, 11:00Title to be announcedRichard Henderson
Monday 27. April 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal) TRASSER Marieke (Mari-Ordinez)
MITTER Michael (Gerlich)
HAAS Lisa (Obenauf)
Monday 04. May 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)SERRA Nuria (Becker)
DE ALMEIDA Melanie Talata (Zuber)
PARYS Katarzyna (Belkhadir)
Monday 11. May 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)OSAKABE Akihisa (Berger)
CRONIN Shona Mary (Obenauf)
WU Szu-Hsien (Koo)
Monday 18. May 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)HENDY Oliver James (Stark)
PARINOV Anton (Zimmer)
MORREALE Francesca (Clausen)
Monday 25. May 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)BRIEDIS Krista Rene (Pauli)
HISANAGA Tetsuya (Berger)
GRÜNBACHER Sarah (Busslinger
Monday 08. June 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)SHANMUGANATHAN Reshi (Becker)
NEUMAYR Christoph (Stark)
PETROVIC Mina (Gerlich)
Monday 15. June 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal) LEE Ji-Hyun (Koo)
BELACIC Katarina (Haselbach)
UMKEHRER Christian (Obenauf)
Monday 22. June 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal) LEESCH Katrin Friederike (Pauli)
BYKOV Aleksandr (Cochella)
LEE Ho-Seok (Belkhadir)
Monday 29. June 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)CHAREST Julien (Cochella)
MARSONER Theodor (Campbell)
Thursday 09. July 2020, 11:00Title to be announcedJohn Wherry
Monday 13. July 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)HOLSTEIN Felix (Obenauf)
CUSHION Thomas David (Keays)
Monday 20. July 2020, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)KRUITWAGEN Tom (Knoblich)
RIESER Sarah Christine (Zuber)
NIMPF Simon (Keays)
Monday 27. July 2020, 12:30 Monday Seminar (Internal)HAJDUSITS Bence
Thursday 27. August 2020, 11:00Title to be announcedJef Boeke


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