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TODAY (Thursday 30. March 2017), 11:00Pattern Formation and Regeneration in a Single CellWallace Marshall
TODAY (Thursday 30. March 2017), 14:00Structural biology guided enzymology: making highly modified peptides macrocyclesJames Naismith
Friday 31. March 2017, 12:30From dormancy to drought resistance, common players - common mechanismsSzymon Swiezewski
Monday 03. April 2017, 11:00Nutrient transport in plant rootsMarie Barberon
Tuesday 04. April 2017, 10:00A novel class of minimal and RNA-free RNase P in the hyperthermophilic bacterium Aquifex aeolicusRoland K. Hartmann
Tuesday 04. April 2017, 11:00Female Mate Choice and Male Ornamentation in a Stalk-Eyed FlyJames Howie
Wednesday 05. April 2017, 12:30Influence of light on plant stem cell regulation and developmentAnne Pfeiffer
Thursday 06. April 2017, 11:00Cell migration and folding of the neocortexRuediger Klein
Thursday 06. April 2017, 14:00Tales from spring brakesJorge Alegre-Cebollada
Friday 07. April 2017, 12:30Professional editing: loving the life of deadlines and demystifying the publishing processNancy R. Gough
Friday 07. April 2017, 13:00The role of BDNF secretion in long-term potentiation of hippocampal and amygdalar synapsesVolkmar Lessmann
Tuesday 18. April 2017, 09:00Cell fate control through biological clocks and post-transcriptional timekeepingHelge Grosshans
Wednesday 19. April 2017, 14:00Genetics of wheat-leaf rust interactionMaria Jose Dieguez
Thursday 20. April 2017, 11:00The cellular and molecular basis for planarian regenerationPeter Reddien
Friday 21. April 2017, 16:00Effectomics – elucidating the toolbox of a biotrophic fungusArmin Djamei
Thursday 27. April 2017, 11:00Mutation, Drift, and the Origin of Cellular FeaturesMichael Lynch
Thursday 27. April 2017, 14:00Getting better crystal structures faster: likelihood in PhaserRandy Read
Friday 28. April 2017, 11:00Establishment and Maintenance of Early Embryonic Chromatin StructureShelby Blythe
Friday 28. April 2017, 12:30Dissecting the nanoscale assembly of the chromatin fibers in somatic and reprogrammed cellsMaria Pia Cosma
Thursday 11. May 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedCrisanto Gutiérrez
Friday 12. May 2017, 11:00Rules of the Game: The Last One Holding Ubiquitin Calls the ShotsRachel Klevit
Friday 12. May 2017, 16:00From Pluripotency to OrgansSasha Mendjan
Thursday 18. May 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedSusan Ackerman
Wednesday 24. May 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedAviv Regev
Tuesday 30. May 2017, 11:00How Cells Read and Write the Tubulin CodeAntonina Roll-Mecak
Thursday 01. June 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedClifford Brangwynne
Tuesday 06. June 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedKlaus Rajewsky
Thursday 08. June 2017, 09:00Stress response functions of ADAR1 regulated by MAP kinasesKazuko Nishikura
Thursday 08. June 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedMichael Bassik
Tuesday 13. June 2017, 11:30Title to be announcedTakekazu Kunieda
Thursday 22. June 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedAna Domingos
Friday 23. June 2017, 16:00Title to be announcedRushad Pavri
Wednesday 28. June 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedMichael Rape
Thursday 29. June 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedWilliam Kaelin
Thursday 06. July 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedAnja Groth
Thursday 13. July 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedDavid Glover
Thursday 20. July 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedBernd Bukau
Thursday 27. July 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedNicolas Renier
Thursday 14. September 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedGeneviève Almouzni
Thursday 21. September 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedLuciano Marraffini
Friday 22. September 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedTamotsu Yoshimori
Monday 25. September 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedThomas Steitz
Thursday 28. September 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedDavid Agard
Wednesday 11. October 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedHannah Monyer
Thursday 12. October 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedEric Vivier
Thursday 19. October 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedWendy Gilbert
Thursday 02. November 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedZach Lippman
Thursday 16. November 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedJürg Müller
Wednesday 22. November 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedMalin Parmar
Thursday 23. November 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedManolis Pasparakis
Thursday 30. November 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedJohannes Walter
Thursday 07. December 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedMaria-Elena Torres-Padilla
Wednesday 13. December 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedFlorian Engert
Thursday 14. December 2017, 11:00Title to be announcedCedric Blanpain
Thursday 11. January 2018, 11:00Title to be announcedNathalie Gonzalez
Thursday 22. February 2018, 11:00Title to be announcedKathy Niakan
Thursday 01. March 2018, 11:00Title to be announcedDaniel Voytas
Thursday 15. March 2018, 11:00Title to be announcedDetlef Weigel
Monday 16. April 2018, 12:30Monday SeminarLINDENHOFER Dominik (Knoblich)
KONG Jixiang (Belkhadir)
KAO Ping (Nodine)
Monday 23. April 2018, 12:30Monday SeminarKAWAGUCHI Akane (Tanaka)
HERBERG Sarah (Pauli)
SCHNEIDER Maximilian (Gerlich)
Wednesday 25. April 2018, 11:00Title to be announcedLawrence Zipursky
Monday 30. April 2018, 12:30Monday SeminarHÜTHER Patrick (Becker)
BHAT Pooja (Ameres)
MÜRDTER Felix (Stark)
Monday 07. May 2018, 12:30Monday SeminarANDREEV Veselin Ivanov (Pavri)
SUGIURA Takuji (Tanaka)
PAPAREDDY Ranjidh (Nodine)
Monday 14. May 2018, 12:30Monday SeminarJAEGLE Benjamin (Nordborg)
PAPAI Nora (Mendjan)
LIN Tzi-Yang (Tanaka)
Wednesday 23. May 2018, 11:00Title to be announcedAustin Smith
Monday 28. May 2018, 12:30Monday SeminarANDRIONE Mara (Zimmer)
KOVACS Judit (Becker)
BORG Michael (Berger)
Monday 04. June 2018, 12:30Monday SeminarELMAGHRABY Mostafa (Brennecke)
LÖFKE Christian (Dagdas)
ALBERTI Chiara (Cochella)
Monday 11. June 2018, 12:30Monday SeminarWANG Haifeng (Dagdas)
DAVID Ana (Gerlich)
SERGAKI Maria Christina (Keays)
Monday 18. June 2018, 12:30Monday SeminarREICHHOLF Brian (Ameres)
KAZRANI Asgar Abbas (Clausen)
CABRERA QUIO Luis Enrique (Pauli)
Thursday 12. July 2018, 11:00Title to be announcedYi Zhang
Wednesday 12. September 2018, 11:00Title to be announcedRon Vale
Wednesday 24. October 2018, 11:00Title to be announcedThomas Cech



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