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VBC Regular Seminar: Whole-organism clone-tracing using single-cell sequencing
Thursday 25. January 2018, 11:00
Alexander Van Oudenaarden - Hubrecht Insitute - KNAW

VBC Regular Seminar: Deciphering Biochemical Drivers of Phenotypic Change
Thursday 01. February 2018, 11:00
Daniel Jarosz - Stanford University

VBC Regular Seminar: Mechanisms of lineage specification in human embryos
Thursday 22. February 2018, 11:00
Kathy Niakan - Francis Crick Institute

VBC Regular Seminar: Title to be announced
Thursday 01. March 2018, 11:00
Alexander Aulehla - EMBL Heidelberg

VBC Regular Seminar: Clonal genome evolution and epigenetic adaptation in marbled crayfish
Thursday 08. March 2018, 11:00
Frank Lyko - DKFZ Heidelberg

VBC Regular Seminar: Title to be announced
Thursday 15. March 2018, 11:00
Detlef Weigel - Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology

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