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Wednesday 01. June 2022, 11:00Gene transcription: from mechanisms to regulationPatrick Cramer
Wednesday 01. June 2022, 16:30Plant Phenomics and Epigenomics at Population Scale".Patrick Hüther
Thursday 02. June 2022, 11:00The genetic basis for diversification of leaf form: from understanding to reconstructingMiltos Tsiantis
Thursday 02. June 2022, 14:00A detailed analysis of the (static and dynamic) local conformations of proteinsAlexandre G de Brevern
Tuesday 07. June 2022, 11:30HistONe and HistOFF: Measuring Nucleosome Exchange DynamicsGilad Yaakov
Thursday 09. June 2022, 11:00Hippocampal circuits of maladaptive and adaptive fear generalization in miceSyed Ahsan Raza
Thursday 09. June 2022, 12:00Microbial Storage CompoundsMichaela Dippold
Thursday 09. June 2022, 14:00Molecular mechanism and folding dynamics of large non-coding RNAsMarco Marcia
Friday 10. June 2022, 09:00Genomic and developmental features of the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis - insights into the evolution of BilateriaUli Technau
Friday 10. June 2022, 16:00The Metastasis Prize Award Ceremony
Monday 13. June 2022, 09:00Understanding the genetic basis of adaptation to changing climateKelly Swarts
Monday 13. June 2022, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)BRAGULAT TEIXIDOR Helena (Otsuka)
SALEWSKIJ Kirill (Penninger)
KAGAWA Harunobu (Rivron)
Monday 13. June 2022, 18:00Remembering who we are: how chromatin controls cell identitySusan Gasser
Tuesday 14. June 2022, 09:00From Basic Biology and CRISPR screening to public health and SARS-CoV-2 sequencingUli Elling
Tuesday 14. June 2022, 12:30Chromatin dynamics in the land plant Marchantia polymorphaSean Montgomery
Wednesday 15. June 2022, 09:00Proteasomes in action - mechanisms and distribution of human proteasomesDavid Haselbach
Wednesday 15. June 2022, 11:00Assessing the role of arousal state in sensorimotor gating and memory consolidationMingyu Yang
Wednesday 15. June 2022, 14:00Single-cell and population mechanisms controlling neural stem cell maintenance in the zebrafish adult brainLaure Bally-Cuif
Wednesday 15. June 2022, 16:00Characterizing the role of Toddler during zebrafish gastrulationJessica Stock
Monday 20. June 2022, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)CASEY Alexandra (Dolan)
CERRON ALVAN Luis Miguel (Leeb)
SIDHAYE Jaydeep (Knoblich)
Tuesday 21. June 2022, 09:00RNA-protein interactions and the structure of the genetic codeBojan Zagrovic
Tuesday 21. June 2022, 14:00Dual inhibition of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) and neprilysin – a potential new therapy for hypertension and heart failureEd Sturrock
Thursday 23. June 2022, 14:00Structural insights into tail-anchored membrane protein biogenesis by the GET insertase complexMelanie McDowell
Thursday 23. June 2022, 16:00Antarctic Research on Methane Production in Oxygenated Waters in Ice Covered LakesWei Li
Monday 27. June 2022, 09:00How cohesin organizes the genomeJan-Michael Peters
Monday 27. June 2022, 12:30Monday Seminar (Internal)LOUBIERE Vincent (Stark)
STANKUNAS Edvinas (Köhler)
Monday 27. June 2022, 14:00Dissection of the Function and Deposition of the histone variant H2A.W in Arabidopsis thalianaAnna Schmücker
Wednesday 29. June 2022, 09:00Virus-host strategies to gain the upper hand during infectionsGus Versteeg
Thursday 30. June 2022, 09:00Cell competition: a paradigm to understand growth control and heterogeneity in complex tissuesStephanie Ellis
Thursday 30. June 2022, 11:00Long-term single-cell quantification: New tools for old questionsTimm Schroeder
Thursday 30. June 2022, 13:30Life at Nature Genetics: what we do, how scientific publishing works, and how I got here Michael Fletcher
Thursday 30. June 2022, 14:00Mechanism of MCM helicase loading and regulation by CDK revealed by cryo-EMTom Miller
Thursday 30. June 2022, 15:00Leveraging the patient as the model to dissect and target metastasisKaruna Ganesh


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